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A message from President & CEO Denise Barkhurst and 2015 Board Chair Julio Manso.

Think back to your childhood.                       

Who Mentored You?

We know that no one grows up successfully all on their own.  Positive role models and access to caring adults is one of the most critical elements of successful youth development. Too many kids don’t have this important support though, and this is why the Big Brothers Big Sisters program is in such great demand.  This is why there are nearly 1,400 youth on our waiting lists across South Texas.  Mentoring a youth is very meaningful and rewarding, but it’s also somewhat daunting.  If you’re like most people and you have thought about mentoring a child, you have probably also thought “What if I’m too busy? What if I let them down? I’m probably not role model material? What on earth will we do together? Or what if they don’t like me?“ 

What if your role models had let these thoughts get in the way? Who would have mentored you?  

For youth without access to the right mentors, Big Brothers Big Sisters’ mission is to recruit, screen and train volunteers to meet regularly and consistently for at least a year with kids who need extra support and guidance in order to make it through the challenges of childhood. These volunteers are helping to develop critical assets like self-esteem, developing hobbies, learning to trust, planning and decision making, caring about and service to others, boundaries and attitudes and expectations, honesty, responsibility, restraint, a commitment to learning, conflict resolution, interpersonal skills, a sense of belonging, purpose and a positive view of the future. All of this can happen for a kid just by observing, interacting with and learning from a caring, positive role model.

We have a request for your help:  We think that you probably have stories to tell about your mentors, the special person who helped you get where you are today. Maybe it was a parent or grandparent who helped you navigate the challenges of childhood.  Maybe you had a teacher or counselor who was instrumental in your development, or a coach, someone in your church, your Boy Scout or Girl Scout Leader was there when you needed them.  Or your Big Brother or Big Sister.  Maybe you had multiple mentors.

In celebration of Big Brothers Big Sisters’ move to its new South Texas Mentoring Resource Center in the fall of 2016, we are hoping that you, and everyone in our community, will celebrate with us to identify and commemorate the people who helped you get where you are today.   

It's easy, just post a few words, a picture or a video to and social media and use the hashtag #WhoMentoredYou.  We'll be looking for stories everywhere. Julio and I have so many mentors to honor.  I am forever grateful to my fifth grade English teacher for his praise and encouragement, and I would have never graduated college without my Social Work professor’s faith in me.  Julio was a Little Brother in the program and he is grateful and appreciative of the time that his Big Brother Josh spent with him. We are proud to honor those who played a part in our success.  

Join us. 

Denise Barkhurst
President & CEO

Julio Manso
2015 Board Chair

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