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40 Developmental AssetsThe Search Institute has identified 40 developmental assets that are vital for children to help them realize their potential

How the Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets can inform our mentoring work:

The 40 developmental assets are recognized as critical factors for young people's growth and development. They offer a set of benchmarks for positive child and adolescent development into adulthood. A mentor can influence the development of these assets.

The Search Institute research found that these 40 developmental assets are powerful influences on children’s behavior—both protecting young people from many different problem behaviors and promoting positive attitudes and behaviors. This evidence is demonstrated across all cultural and socioeconomic groups of youth. Unfortunately, too few young people experience enough of these assets for them to develop into healthy adults. According to the Search Institute research, the average young person surveyed experiences only 18 of the 40 assets, and overall, 62 percent of young people surveyed experience fewer than 20 of the assets.

For more information, visit the Search Institutes website or click on our training calendar to attend the 40 Developmental Asset Training for Bigs.

Click here to view our 40 Developmental Assets training manual. 


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