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Big Brothers Big Sisters Provides Veterans with Mentoring Opportunities for At-Risk Youth

Defend Potential

In our community, there are a 1000 vulnerable kids who are growing up without the support and guidance they need to be successful. Without the proper role models, these youth are at risk of dropping out of school, becoming incarcerated, and using drugs and alcohol.

Big Brothers Big Sisters exists to change lives of youth who face adversity by providing one-to-one mentoring relationships. Whether it is a child lacking mentors or a positive role model, or challenges that come with being a single parent or deployed family, we believe that every child deserves the chance to have a positive role model in their life.

Meet Your Next Mission

Become a mentor today. By joining Big Brothers Big Sisters, you become a part of an important mission to defend the potential of a child who needs a positive leader like you. In this program you serve as a conduit between the civilian community and children facing adversity.

Our mentors selflessly give their time to volunteer. By becoming a mentor, you will use your military experience to change the lives of at-risk youth and overall, your community. The youth being mentored in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program are encouraged to actively pursue one of The Three E’s:

  • Enrollment in college
  • Enlistment in the military, or
  • Employed in a living wage job

Benefits for Veterans

Becoming a mentor is a rewarding, life-changing experience. When you become a mentor, you embark on new adventures, leading to stronger bonds and life-enriching experiences for you and your mentee. Additionally, this program can help Veterans:

  • Thrive during transition
  • Continue personal-professional development
  • Remain active in leadership and mentoring roles for continued post-military career development
  • Share the legacy of the military core values with kids in our community
  • Empower mentees to become their best version of themselves

Ready to join the mission? Contact us for more information.