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Give Your Child A Big Lead

Parents as Partners

Putting your child in the program

We are so happy that you are interested in enrolling your child in our mentoring program. It all starts with the right role models. And Big Brothers Big Sisters is the place to start a relationship with one. For over 100 years, due in large part to private donations, we’ve been able to recruit, screen, match, and support mentoring relationships that have changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of young people across the community.

You know what’s best for your child. So we’ll need your help from the start, providing information about your child’s strengths and needs, and ultimately approving the mentor that Big Brothers Big Sisters chooses for your child’s match.

We enroll youth ages 5-16. Youth can be matched between the ages of 6-16. We support young adults until the age of 26.

Enrollment Process:

To get started, complete the application for your child (or children) below. Then, schedule an orientation.

If you have any questions about the information above or if you are having trouble completing the application please call our office at 210-225-6322.

Once You’re Matched 

Your role doesn’t end when they meet. After you and your child meet your Big for the first time at the Match Introduction, there will be other ways in which we have to have your support. Here are a few examples below:

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  • You will be required to approve every activity that your child does with their mentor. 
  • You will send Match Update Forms to Big Brothers Big Sisters after every outing your child has with their Big. 
  • Your will provide your child’s report card to the agency.  
  • You and your child will attend annual Safety Training at the BBBS office every year.  
  • You will report any concerns immediately by calling our office at 210-225-6322 or filling out this form.
  • If your child and Big are doing an activity that requires an overnight stay, this form must be filled out prior to the visit. 

Parent Interest Form 

If you are interested in enrolling your child in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program (BBBS) we have great news! BBBS has mentors standing by for help. For over 100 years, BBBS has been matching youth with mentors to help them grow and thrive. We have partnered with your child’s school on this opportunity, so if you would like your child enrolled, please click the button and fill out the short form.