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Friendship Review

Most mentoring relationships come to an end at some point. It is important to reflect back on what you enjoyed in your match. The following Friendship Review questions can help you do that. Whether you are a Big or a Little, we encourage you to answer these questions, together if possible. 

Friendship Review Questions:

  1. What is your friendship like? How would you describe it?
  2. Did you enjoy spending time with your friend?
  3. How has your friend influenced you?
  4. What was your favorite activity? What did you like and why?
  5. How have you changed from this experience?
  6. Do you have any advice for new Bigs or Littles?
  7. What do you think of the program?

Complete the following statements and try reading them aloud to your friend:

  1. Thank you for:
  2. What I really like about our friendship is:
  3. What I really like about you is:
  4. My favorite activity was:
  5. What I learned from you is:
  6. What I’ll never forget about you is:
  7. One thing that I wish for you in the future is:

Establishing a Plan for Closure

Example Plan:

  • Names of Big & Little
  • Dates of match (optional)
  • Best moments (memories)
  • Parting words of advice from Big to Little
  • Littles plan to pay it forward one day
  • Thank you and goodbye
  • Signatures of Big/Little

What plan is best for you?