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Nominations now open for Bigs of the Year

Every year, Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Texas recognizes two outstanding volunteers – a Big Brother of the Year and a Big Sister of the Year. The two mentors recognized are amongst our thousands of inspiring volunteers who are committed to bettering the lives of our city’s youth by helping them achieve their greatest potential and brightest possible future.

The significance of this award recognizes the extraordinary impact the Big has had in a child’s life and in their community.

Nominate a mentor

Please consider nominating someone you know for the Big of the Year award. The recipient should be someone who has made a tremendous impact on the life of their Little through their commitment and guidance—their dedication to helping shape the life of the child facing adversity for the better, forever.

Nominations will close on February 21, 2020.  You may make as many nominations as you like. 

2018 Big Brother of the Year, Aaron, with his Little, Elijah. Matched 6 years.

2018 Big Sister of the Year, Lilly, with her Little, Madison. Matched 5 years.