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Big’s DR Checklist

Big's Developmental Relationship Checklist

Thank you for serving as a mentor, and for providing critical support to your Little. Beginning at 6 months into your mentoring relationship, we will send the following survey to you and your Little periodically. The questions below reflect the 20 Developmental Relationships Elements that you learned about in The 40 Assets Volunteer Training session. If you haven’t attended that session – you can sign up in the training section of our website. The survey is intended to assess how well you feel you are demonstrating these actions with your Little. Once you and your Little have taken the survey, we will provide you with the results. Thank you for taking and submitting this survey.
Your Name
How often do you show your Little that they can trust you?
How often do you really pay attention when you are together with your Little?
How often do you make your Little feel known and valued?
How often do you show your Little that you enjoy being with them?
How often do you praise your Little for their efforts and achievements?
How often do you show your Little that you expect them to be their best?
How often do you push your Little to try harder?
How often do you tell your Little that you need them to take responsibility for their actions?
How often do you help your Little learn from mistakes and setbacks?
How often do you guide your Little through hard situations?
How often do you build your Little’s confidence to take charge of their life?
How often do you stand up for your Little when they need it?
How often do you put limits in place to keep your Little on track?
How often do you take your Little seriously and treat them fairly?
How often do you include your Little in decisions that affect them?
How often do you work with your little to solve problems and reach their goals?
How often do you create opportunities for your Little to take action and lead?
How often do you inspire your Little to see possibilities for their future?
How often do you expose your Little to new ideas, experiences, and places?
How often do you introduce your Little to people who can help them grow?