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Operation: Big Mentor

We’re on a mission to recruit 100 mentors over 100 days of summer

Big Brothers Big Sisters exists to change lives of disadvantaged youth by providing one-to-one mentoring relationships. Whether it is a child lacking mentors or a positive role model, or challenges that come with being a single parent or deployed family, we believe that every child deserves the chance to have a positive role model in their life.

Become a mentor today

By joining Big Brothers Big Sisters, you become a part of an important mission to defend the potential of a child who needs a positive leader like you. In this program you serve as a conduit between the civilian community and children facing adversity.

Our mentors selflessly give their time to volunteer. By becoming a mentor, you will use your military experience to change the lives of at-risk youth and overall, your community. The youth being mentored in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program are encouraged to actively pursue one of The Three E’s:   

  • Enrollment in college
  • Enlistment in the military, or
  • Employed in a living wage job

Benefits of Mentoring to Youth

Becoming a mentor is a rewarding, life-changing experience. When you become a mentor, you embark on new adventures, leading to stronger bonds and life-enriching experiences for you and your mentee. This program also helps military personnel:

  • Thrive during transition
  • Continue personal-professional development
  • Remain active in leadership and mentoring roles for continued post-military career development
  • Share the legacy of the military core values with kids in our community
  • Empower mentees to become their best version of themselves

Ready to join the mission? Submit your information by clicking the link below and a member of our team will reach out to you with next steps.

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