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Supporting Your Little as They Go Back to School

The end of summer is quickly approaching, and with it brings the hustle and bustle of kids everywhere getting ready to go back to school! The Fall season can be a stressful time for some kids, so we are here to help support you through this transition! Here are some ways you can make this time easier for your Little. 

Take a look at the school calendar and website with your mentee. Getting to know what clubs and organizations offered at their school may help them feel more excited about what the new year brings. Maybe they’re really interested in music and would be enthusiastic about learning a new instrument. Perhaps they’re a math wiz and want to join a UIL Competitive Mathematics team. Getting involved in school activities is a great way for your Little to build community. As the year progresses, be sure to check in with how your mentee’s activities are going and stay involved by supporting them at their public events. 

This school year is a great opportunity for you to show up and empower your Little. Maybe you can chat with them and schedule a monthly school lunch meeting! Bring their favorite meal to school, and enjoy their lunch time with them. Small gestures like this mean so much to a young person!

Whatever the school year brings, what is most important is that you show up for your Little. Encourage them in their successes, and support them in their challenges. You have what it takes to make a positive influence in their life!

We wish you all a fantastic 2022-2023 school year!

At Big Brothers Big Sisters, we kicked off the new year celebrating some awesome students at Jackson Middle School with our annual Big High Five event!

Staff and friends of the organization banded together to high-five students on their way to the classroom at the start of the new school year. 

Empowering young minds on the first day of school is something that we value, and are always glad to take part in!

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