Voices from the Heart

Today and Everyday we appreciate the families that come to us for support for themselves and their children.  We do our best to create and support strong mentoring relationships. 

Every year we reach out to parents to ask them how we are doing by giving them the opportunity to nominate a mentor for the Volunteer of the Year awards.

This year we had over 70 nominations, and we can’t possibly choose just one winner. All of these mentors deserve to be recognized.  Every “Big” is a winner in our eyes. 

So, over the next several months we will be sharing the wonderful words that parents had to say about their children’s Big Brothers and Big Sisters in this blog series: Voices from the Heart.

My daughter Liliana has a wonderful Big Sister. Katherine does an awesome job mentoring her, she even volunteers with her Girl Scout troop. Even though she is busy, Katherine goes above and beyond to make time for Liliana, sometimes they see each other every week. We are so happy that Katherine is in our lives.

Liliana’s mom, Felicitas

Kathy is a huge blessing to my daughter Caitlin. From the very beginning Kathy has worked to teach Caitlin about proper nutrition and exercise. She showed her how to pick out fresh fruit and the best way to work out. Now Kathy is helping Caitlin research colleges. They discuss how to pay for it, and how to manage money wisely. Kathy’s husband Charles is a large part of the relationship as well. They both spend quality time with Caitlin and encourage her to follow her dreams. Through all of the good times and bad, Kathy and Charles have been there for Caitlin. They have never been judgmental of her and only offer the purest forms of encouragement and love. In a world with so much negativity, Kathy and Charles are breath of fresh air and positivity.

Caitlin’s mom, Teri

My son Jose’s Big Brother Jose is caring, outgoing and easy to talk to. They even have the same name! He motivates my son to make better choices. Jose is everything I ever wanted in a role model for my child.

Jose’s mom, Cristina

Tony’s Big Brother Josh is so attentive! He’s always calls and making sure Tony is OK and doing well. We are blessed to have Josh in our life! He is kind, caring, and Tony always talks about all the fun they have. Thank you Josh.

Tony’s Mom, Leticia

I am so happy that my son, Hunter has such a great role-model in David. David stays in contact and visits with him consistently. David does an awesome job as a mentor.

Hunter’s Mom, Kristine

Debra has been Hayden’s Big Sister for 5 years. She cares about him he just loves her!

Hayden’s Mom, Joyce

Emma is such a great role model for my son Jeremiah.  He has grown up with her support as they have been matched for 9 years!  Our whole family loves Emma so much. 

Jeremiah’s mom, Lisa

John helps my son Xavier develop the skills he needs to be a leader.

Xavier’s Mom, Ruby

John has been mentoring Chris, since Elementary school. Chris is now a Freshman in College. When John came into Chris’s life, Chris was very insecure about himself, but John would always seem to say the right words to Chris at every visit. Chris’s behavior at school even started to get better and better. Chris would always say: “You know, John is right I should look at life in a different perspective. And he always reminds me how great I am.” Recently Chris called me from college very upset and wanting to come home. I convinced him to call John and he did. Chris said that after speaking with John he was confident he could face his problem and “give it all I got.” It has not been easy for Chris with a mother on drugs and a missing father. I am very proud of him and ever so grateful to his Big brother, John. Thanks to Big Brothers Big Sisters you have done great!

Chris’s mom, Consuelo

Jimmy has ALWAYS been there for my son, Brenden, since day 1 they were matched up. Brendan looks forward to every moment with him. He helps with homework, he has had talks with him in order for him to make better choices, and they have so much fun together whether it’s playing video games, going somewhere entertaining or watching a movie. Jimmy also gave Brenden a nickname, “Bren-diesel,” and it’s a name only Jimmy calls him. It makes him feel special. Brenden told me something recently about Jimmy and it made me smile. He said, “Mom, Mr. Jimmy is always nice to me & we do some cool things together. Sometimes I look at him like a dad. I know he’s not my dad but I wish I had one like him.” That was the moment I knew that Jimmy is an awesome guy because my son really looks up to him.

Brenden’s mom, LaJuanta

Courtney has brought so much joy to my son Kyron’s life. We’ve only known her a short time but she’s a extraordinary example of the kind of Big Sister that every kids should have.

Kyron’s Mom, Jennifer

Grant has made a huge impact on my sons life for the little amount of time he’s known him. My son enjoys their time.

Ricky’s Mom, Savannah

Herbert (Herb) has been extremely dedicated to trying to better Jose’s life. Herb never gives up on Jose and is very patient and compassionate. Herb proves to be very firm when he needs to be and does not ponder on behaviors and choices Jose makes. Herb has given him the male positive figure he needs.

Jose’s Mom, Debra

Jeff is a caring and great Big Brother! He teaches my son Dominic leadership, discipline, and empathy. He listens to Dominic and helps this shy kid become confident! We need more young leaders like Jeff! Dominic is becoming a strong and confident kid!

Dominic’s Mom, Ruthie

Thank GOD for the BBBS Program and the Awesome match he was blessed with for my son Troy. From the first day we all met, it was like Karina had always been part of our family. She has really inspired, motivated and been an AWESOME Big Sister for my son. Thank you for the BBBS Program and Karina for being a big part of our family for six years.

Troy’s Mom, Liz

Jada is fantastic with my daughter La’Zia. She communicates very well. She goes above and beyond to bond with my daughter. She is a God sent and I really believe Jada needs to be recognized.

La’Zia’s mom, Tuwanna

Daniel is exactly what I was looking for. He is so patient with my son Dylan, and spends quality time with him exercising🏃‍♂️.

Dylan’s Mom, Angela

Chris is very dedicated to his role as a mentor. He is a great example of a male role model for my son Tiernan. We appreciate him so much!

Tiernan’s mom, Donetta

Charles is awesome with my son Vynzell. The program is a blessing!

Vynzell’s mom, Temeka

Cassandra is kind and considerate. Chris always comes home happy after spending time with her. He never lets her leave home without a hug.

Chris’s mom, Debra

Adah has changed my son, Jalen’s life! Over the past 3 years she has helped him in so many ways, even to improve his basketball skills. I love her as much Jalen does.

Jalen’s mom, Lynette

Bret has been a big inspiration to my family. He goes above and beyond the call of a Big Brother. He has encouraged my son to be better, achieve more, and has exposed him to so many things he may not have had the opportunity to see or know about 

D’Mahrea’s Mom, Natasha

Allantae takes the time to attend my son’s football and basketball games. I truly appreciate the time he takes to be a mentor to my son.

Amaryon’s mom, Courtney

My daughter, Ception’s mentor, Amber, is a wonderful person. It’s like we are all family.  Amber makes Ception feel loved and special.

Ception’s mom, Ashley

I know that kids sometimes want someone else to confide in. My daughter Rhianna looks up to her Big Sister Audra because of what a great person and wife she is.

Rhianna’s mom, Yvette