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Who Mentored You Speaker Series

Our community leaders have stories to tell. Maybe it was a parent or grandparent who helped them navigate the challenges of childhood. Maybe it was a teacher or counselor who was instrumental in their development. Or a coach, a faith leader, or their Boy Scout or Girl Scout Leader was there when they need-ed them. Maybe there were multiple mentors. No one does it alone. #WhoMentoredYou speakers share and commemorate the people who helped them get where they are today.

The Big Brothers Big Sisters #WhoMentoredYou Speaker Series provides an opportunity for the mentoring community in San Antonio to hear from local leaders and entrepreneurs about how mentoring shaped their lives. The series is provided at no cost to the audience and sessions are designed to attract current and prospective volunteers, parents, and students as well as the greater San Antonio Community.

The setting is intimate. The series takes place once a quarter during lunchtime at the Big Brothers Big Sis-ters Mentoring Resource Center at 10843 Gulfdale, SA TX 78216 in the Mays Foundation Training Room. Contact Denise Barkhurst at for more information about attending and/or speaking.

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