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As a mentor in our program, you are embarking on a journey to help youth develop the knowledge and skills they need to grow up successfully. Over the first year of your mentoring relationship, you are encouraged to do the following activities as often as you like with your Little.




  • Visit your Little’s School for lunch or to support their activities
    • Meet your Little’s teachers
    • Meet your Little’s classmates/friends
    • Help your Little with homework
  • Discuss Enrollment, Enlistment & Employment
  • Foster a love of reading for pleasure


  • Visit museums or sites in the community that will build your Little’s cultural competency
  • Volunteer in the community together, including at BBBS events such as BFKS or at a recruitment booth
  • Expose your Little to civic activities such as taking them to vote and/or register to vote
  • Choose and/or support a creative hobby with your Little (and read about it!)
  • Support your Little’s participation in extracurricular activities
  • Sign your Little up for another youth program opportunity such as joining the BBBS Girl Scout Troop or joining the YMCA


  • Make sure to keep all of your commitments as a role model
  • Introduce your Little to a variety of people and experiences
  • Allow your Little to become active in their community
  • Learn healthy habits
  • Commit to learn

When you do these things, you are helping to develop their character, cultural competency, self-esteem, personal power, sense of purpose and positive view of their future.